What is the Dart Acquiring and Removal Tool (D.A.R.T.)?

The D.A.R.T. Pro® System and X-TRACTOR Tip® System were developed for law enforcement. These tools allow officers to remove contaminated TASER® darts from individuals without the risk of a needle-stick type injury that could lead to an infection. The law enforcement officer who uses the D.A.R.T. Pro® System does not need to touch the stun-gun dart with their hands any longer.

The D.A.R.T. PRO® Kit is remarkable in its simplicity.  The D.A.R.T. PRO® Handle and X-Tractor Tip allow for safe dart extraction from a distance, meaning the human extractor never comes into direct contact with the dart.  This semi-automatic extraction system works a bit like a retractable syringe – removing the dart and getting it ready for storage all in 1-2 basic motions.

X-TRACTOR® Tips.png

D.A.R.T. PRO® Handle – The basis for dart removal, this device allows for attachment of the X-TRACTOR Tip®.  It’s custom designed with hard-shelled polycarbonate to be durable and ergonomically sound and contains a battery pack and LED lighting source.


X-TRACTOR® Tips – Allows for safe acquisition and storage of contaminated Taser darts.  It’s a transparent sharps/evidence container that glows in the dark for easy nighttime usage.  It easily attaches to the front of the D.A.R.T. PRO® Handle, with the other side attaching to the dart – all FDA-approved.


Locking Caps – One of these is placed over the end of the X-TRACTOR® Tip to secure and contain the darts.  Pressing it into the locked position protects against exposure to any pathogens, and seals the darts for convenient evidence storage or disposal.


Zip-Seal Type Bags – These 4x6 bags allow for additional storage security and also contain an evidence card, for easy and accurate tracking through the evidence chain.


D.A.R.T. PRO Kit Box – All D.A.R.T. PRO® Kit components are housed here.